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Andrew and Carla delivering meals to seniors

Andrew and Carla delivering meals to seniors


Achievements Unlimited’s purpose is to enable and increase independent functioning, physical health and development, language and communication skills, socialization, community integration, domestic and economic management, and functional skills development. A cornerstone of the AU approach is “micro-enterprise”.  A micro-enterprise is a small business started by AU clients, or a volunteer activity that takes place on the AU campus but directly benefits the outside community.  Some example “micro-enterprises” include:

Our On-Site Microenterprises and Service projects include:

  • A community garden
  • A community laundry service-pick up and aWorkingdrop off!
  • Assembling hygiene kits for the homeless and others in needs for organizations such as Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, Gateway 180, and Project Backpack.
  • Assembling Gift Baskets:  Homemade gifts for sale and donation to shelters, nursing homes, mental health clinics, and hospitals
  • Assembling dog and cat toys for area rescues and shelters
  • Art program:  Participants are engaged with local artists to create sellable works of modern art.  We have shown in galleries, juried shows, universities, cafes, and have competed and won regional competitions.  We also maintain a home gallery at our Page location.
  • Magazines:  We procure, process, and donate magazines to area agencies in an effort to promote literacy.
  • Legos:  We procure, process, and sell legos online to area collectors

Our Off-Site Projects/Partnerships Include:

  • ReFresh-Resale shop benefiting foster and adoptive coalitionacottonBalls
  • ReLeaf-nursery and arboretum
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Kingdom House resale shop-benefiting low in come St. Louisans
  • Bridgeton meals on wheels
  • MO House Rabbit Society Bunny House
  • St. Louis Animal Control
  • Gateway 180 homeless services

Please visit these organizations’ sites to learn more!  We are also always looking for more opportunities!


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