About Us

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the heart and framework of all our services,  We utilize proven and research driven interventions that will allow  individuals to reach their fullest potentials.  Participation in our programs is aimed at the reduction and extinction of maladaptive behaviors as well as the acquisition of skills.  Occupational therapy is also available on a consultative basis, per client need.  Our goal is to assist each person in becoming a more active member in their life and their community.

Helpful link:  What is ABA?  http://bacb.com/about-behavior-analysis/

Here are some of the other key components of our programs:


Microenterprise is our answer to job skills training.  The focus has often been to mold individuals to fit into jobs that may or may not be available in the community at large.  Our vision is to create jobs around individuals.  We are working to start smaller “businesses within the business” including a community garden and community laundry service.  We have also partnered with other non-profits in the area to work on projects or developed our own projects that benefit the community so that participants may engaged in meaningful activities while still in job training. In this way, all individuals are encouraged to work to their capacity, learn vocational skills, and make a difference, all at the same time.  Please take a look at some of our photo albums to see the important work that we are doing each day at AU!


Community Involvement”


There is a community component to every program that we offer.  For off-site services, the majority of the day may be spent in the community, practicing and generalizing skills where they will be naturally used, volunteering, or developing social and leisure skills.  Even participants in on-site services have the chance to go on community outings  to practice the skills they learn in daily lessons as well as community oriented on-site projects.  The thing that sets our community component apart is functionality-all community experiences are aimed at developing and strengthening lifelong skills.





AU 280All of our services are built around monthly “themes”.  Some of these themes include:  health, safety, careers, hobbies, and relationships.  Each theme is broken into a weekly unit with lessons surrounding that unit and theme.   So for instance, during health month clients might learn about making their own doctor appointments during social skills, nutrition during daily living skills, and healthy cooking techniques during leisure skills.  Individuals in job training programs might learn about how to stay healthy on the job. In this way participants get to go in depth with important topics that are relevant to adult living, and lessons build on one another to develop long lasting skills.